Versions 1.1.5

Subversion client for Mac

Versions offers an attractive interface to work with Subversion. View full description


  • Nice interface


  • Still unstable

Very good

Versions offers an attractive interface to work with Subversion.

Subversion (SVN) is a version control system that allows you to maintain historical versions of all your files.

It is very widely used in the open source community and competes directly with the CVS format. The advantage of working with SVN is that it keeps track of all your changes and lets you find previous versions easily.

Versions is still in Beta, so it might be a little unstable, but you already see it's looking to be very promising. The application offers three sections: browse, timeline and transcript.

You'll start by creating a new online repository in Beanstalk then adding new repository bookmarks. These are always displayed on the left side of the interface, so they're always immediately accessible.

You can easily update or commit your changes and Versions lets you quickly compare differences, see local changes and includes a blame/annotate tool.


  • * Fixed comparing remote changes on a single selected file
  • * Timeline file paths are selectable again (issue reintroduced in 1.1.4)
  • * Fixed a potential warning about an interrupted SSL negotiation if working copy bookmark change badges are enabled
  • * Fixed locking or unlocking of items that have been modified after being copied, moved or renamed
  • * Fixed a typo in the Copy and Move sheet
  • * Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a comparison from the Timeline
  • * Fixed a crash when renaming the root item of a working copy
  • * Fixed a rare crasher related to the file browser
  • * On first launch, checking for updates is now enabled by default
  • * On first launch, the default file comparison tool is now set to Kaleidoscope if it's installed

Versions provides a pleasant way to work with Subversion on your Mac. Whether you’re a hardcore Subversion user or new to version control systems, Versions will help streamline your workflow.

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Versions 1.1.5